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How DS Ltd Can Help Your Practice Using Our
Proprietary, 4-Step Dental Marketing Success System


Our team of experts will take a deep dive into your practice to uncover the “holes in your bucket” and stop your practice from bleeding money (most of which you don’t even see!). This way, you can attract better patients, larger cases and perform the dentistry that makes your patients smile.


LSFD’s world-class, professional team will look at you, your practice, your staff and your marketplace. We’ll plug all that data into our proprietary system and out comes the exact, PERSONAL, step-by-step recipe for YOUR practice to succeed.


No practice can excel without everyone working towards a common goal, so our pre-launch training process focuses on your staff. They are the front line of growth for your practice, and our easy-to-follow training routine will leave them feeling empowered and excited for the massive results they will help create for your business.


Effectively and predictably growing a practice is like baking a cake. Use the right ingredients, in the right amounts, baked at the right temperature, with the right dentist and you get PERFECTION… Every. Single. Time. Without exception. Our proprietary dental marketing system will explode your practice with MORE phone calls, MORE quality new patients and MORE profit!

Want To Know If We Are A Good Fit For Your UK Dental Practice?

Then take advantage of our FREE, No Hassle, No Obligation Dental Marketing Game Plan. This Game Plan is specifically designed for dental practices and has been field-tested for accuracy. It will show you how to attract… More Phone Calls. More New Patients. More Profit!

If you’re a serious dentist who is committed to improving your practice and surpassing your goals with a clear roadmap to success, please click the button below and fill out the form. We’ll be in touch shortly.

“DS has given my whole team a different level of confidence and helped my income go up.”

“Working with Dental SEO has given my whole team a different level of confidence, and to be honest with you, they’ve made my job more enjoyable. It’s removed stress from me and helped me sleep at night. It’s helped my income go up. I can’t say enough about how I appreciate them.”

“DS helps me sleep better at night.”

“DS always lets me sleep better at night because they are always on top of everything. They are always fresh to the market; they seem to see the trends, and see what’s happening. I know Ben and his gang at DS are gonna have my back and are working for me 24/7.”

“DS has taken a lot of effort out of trying to market my practice. I can’t keep up with the demand!”

“DS has taken a lot of effort out of trying to market my practice. In five of seven months last year, we collected over £90,000. One month, it was over £100,000. And I’m a one-doctor practice. I’ve had these incredible months where I’m seeing 60-80 new patients a month. I can’t keep up with the demand; it’s great!”


“DS is a no brainer for my practice.”

“DS helps me sleep at night, because I know that no matter how hard I try I can never fully understand and know the inner workings of the Google algorithm. I know it changes all the time and so I really need somebody I can count on to stay on top of all that stuff so that I can worry about things like patient care. Let me outsource the Google part of it to experts who work with it on a daily basis, and know intimately whats involved with achieving high ranking on Google search.”